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1- In a few easy clicks subscribe to the healthiest subscription box around.
2- Every month The Grain Market delivers the highest quality Organic Grains & Seeds.
3- Enjoy healthy all natural whole foods from The Grain Market daily.

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Choose how often you get your box. We have a subscription plan for everyone. So no matter if you are eating grains everyday or once a week we have you covered!

So what's the hold up?

That's it!  Seriously. You’re health has never been easier. 
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Which box is right for me?

Our box is white and marked with The Grain Market logo. The Grain Market Box comes in one STANDARD size. Inside the box It will include gluten free, organic ingredients that you can use for the whole month.

How often will my box arrive?

Your box will arrive on the second week of every month. The grains come in a box filled with sealed packages of each grain. Each bag is heat sealed for freshness. You can easily cut off the heat seal and open and close the zip seal for easy and accessible storage.

What if I am not home when my box arrives?

If you are not home when your package arrives, it is boxed, packaged and sealed which will ensure freshness until you are ready to open your package.

What if I am new to using oats and seeds?

If you are new to using oats and seeds, you are in for a wonderful treat! We have The Grainacadamey full of wonderful recipes for morning, noon, and night, sweet or savory, quick or crockpot style. 

How can I order more grains?

If you receive your box and run out of grains before the next box comes, we can send another box for a flat rate.

Are the grains I receive Organic?

Yes. All of the grains shipped out from the grain market are certified organic by our farmers. 

Are the ingredients from my box gluten free?

Yes. All the grains shipped out from the grain market are certified and stamped gluten free. 

Is my box shelf stable?

Yes. As long as they’re stored in a sealed package in a cool, dry place, most of the grains from the grain market should last one year.

Can I change the size of my box?

Yes. If you start with a STANDARD size box and need more grains, it is easy to update your box order to the HEARTY size for next month.

How do I change my delivery address?

If you need to change your delivery location, log into your grain market account and update your address as soon as possible. The package will then arrive at your new address the following month.

Convinced now?  We knew you’d come around.